Now Showing Double Features Nightly!


Playing Friday, May 29 Thru Thursday, June 5, 2020


Screen 1 – 89.1 FM

Sonic The Hedgehog, PG, 8:45 PM Start time

Dolittle, PG, 10:35 PM



Screen 2 – 106.3 FM

Bloodshot, PG 13, 9:00 PM

Fantasy Island. PG 13, 11:00 PM


Gates open at 7:30 PM. Bring your family and friends!


These rules will  be in effect for COVID 19,  in order to comply with Health Safety rules.


You must purchase admission tickets online, prior to arrival.

You must park between cones.  

You can now sit in the bed of your truck and have hatches up – not extending past roof line. You must park in the back 3 rows.

You will not be allowed to sit outside your vehicle.  You must wear a mask when outside vehicle.

Concession orders can be made through the FanFood App and you will be notified to pick up.

Your order can be picked up at a pickup window on the south side of the building.

The playground is closed.  Please observe social distancing guidelines.

Passes will be accepted on weeknights only.


Contact Doug Knight With Questions 546-8881